February 9, 2009

On Valentine's Day

Hi. Today's just a few days away from Valentine's Day and already there are heart-shaped candies lining store windows. It's usually one of my least favorite holidays and, in a way, it still is. The only difference between then and now is that then it was just a holiday to remind me how few friends I had. Boy, does that sound pathetic.

Of course, now it's a day to stress over what and how much/little to get my girlfriend. Normally I participate in holidays over at her place, and it's fine because there's no other reason for being there. But with a holiday escpecially dedicated to love, romance, small chocolates, sweet nothings, and the like, the environment becomes increasingly awkward. Her little siblings look at me funny and so do her parents, but in a different kind of funny. I don't think they really think I'd do anything really serious- and I wouldn't- but they're keeping an eye out all the same.

How much does one want to give? Good question. I'm not sure; I think it depends on the significant other. It usually does.

You don't want to give too little, for obvious reasons. Cheapskate and uncaring are a couple words that pop to mind. Also, you don't want to give to much. After all, gushing can also be seen as brown-nosing and sucking up, not to mention being a "loverboy". I've got a reputation to uphold. Given, it's small and dented and beat up and kinda smells like old shirts, but it's a reputation nonetheless.

So, I recommend asking and acting like business as usual. Nothing too special. Sure, it's a holiday of love, but don't let yourself go.

Note: holiday is named for Saint Valentine. Not sure of his story, but I know he would write letters of love(filial) and comfort to Christian prisoners in the early AD. Live in Rome I think. Maybe he was martyred for his beliefs. I dunno.

Boy, he's a nice guy. Not a bad reason for a holiday. Great reason for less school.

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