March 24, 2009

On the Antichrist (or lack thereof)

The Antichrist is the theorized "pure evil" that will destroy us all and is somehow more evil than Satan himself. He is the opposite of all that is good and right. He has nothing in common with anyone. He is the polar opposite of God himself.

Let me put it this way: he doesn't exist and, by definition, he cannot possibly exist.

First, I will argue that in an atheist's world, there is no God and therefore no opposite of God. Bam. One possibility down.

Next, in the case God does exist (which he does; just sayin'), then every aspect God has cannot be shared. God is all good; the antichrist is all evil. They have nothing in common. Therefore, by definition, he cannot exist.

Follow me, if you will.

These are the premises:
1. God is good. Goodness is God. God=good.

2. Antichrist=evil

3. Evil is what is not good, good is what is not evil. They share no traits.

4. God exists.

Thus, the argument goes:

5. Existing, therefore, is good. (Because anything that God is is also good.)

6. Therefore, not existing is evil. (Because it is what God is not, which is evil.)

7. Antichrist is all that is evil and is not what is good.

8.Therefore, the Antichrist, by definition, does not exist.

Ta da.

Too bad. Satan's the closest thing you can get to pure evil. The only thing preventing him from being pure evil is the fact that he exists. It's like "0" vs. "0.0000000...1". Ole Lucifer is close enough.

I think it's a pretty sound argument, neh? If not, please tell.


Kaiser said...

I have discovered that the word "antichrist" does NOT in fact mean the son of the devil. That is not true. Apparently, "antichrist" is the one who pretends to be Christ.

Oh, the Pope is NOT the antichrist. He's taking over Peter's position in the church, not Jesus's.

Kaiser said...

And even then, he STILL doesn't exist. Well, actually he does, and his name is Satan.