March 10, 2009

On PM G. Brown's US visit

I cannot believe President Obama's treatment of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. In case you didn't know, the PM of the UK visited the White House recently and was not exactly given the royal red carpet treatment.

First off, during the PM's visit to the White House, Obama and Brown did a traditional exchanging of gifts. Brown gave Obama a penholder from the HMS Gannet, a framed commission paper from the HMS Resolute, and a first edition copy of Winston Churchill's biography. In return Obama had the sensitivity and good sense to give the Prime Minister an entire set of 25 "classic" American DVDs. Which can't be played in Britain because the systems are different. Wow.

Of course, Mr. Brown is hard of sight in one eye, so he doesn't watch movies and shows anyway. Huh.

On top of that, Obama decided he would also give back the bust of Churchill that was given to us from Britain in the first place! It was given as a symbol of their support after 9/11.

Check it out. We've got Mr. Sensitive in the White House.

Also during the press conferences, anyone could see that whenever PM G. Brown tried to get friendly with "Barry O", our prez would coolly shut him down. I felt the temperature drop whenever Obama answered Brown's conversation starters. Every time Brown tried to break the ice, Obama would come in like a north wind and freeze him over.

What is Obama thinking?! He's the Prime Minister of Great Britain, for God's sake. The UK is one of our best allies, and historically our closest. You do not treat your best friends like they don't matter or you will lose them. What right does he have to talk about negotiating with our enemies with respect and courtesy, and then treat our best allies like dust in the wind? Sure, most of the Brits adore Obama now, most of them dislike Brown, and nothing will change that for a while; that doesn't give leave to Obama to treat him like a tiring three year-old.

I'm just as surprised at all the Brits who blame the friction on Brown. I realize he's unpopular and not very lucky as far as politics goes. Still, that's not a good reason to blame our prez's bad foreign policy on him. Their prime minister has been snubbed by a president of a country who is supposed to be their BFF. They should be outraged!

Bottom Line: foreign correspondents, ambassadors, officials, and executives do not deserve to be snubbed, especially from our closest allies.

Honestly, I said it during the campaigns and I'll say it now, I may not have agreed with McCain's particular brand of conservatism (or any of the other candidates' brands for that matter), but at least they would not be screwing up our foreign policy like the present administration.

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