September 6, 2009

On Intelligent Design

It's not science. It's creationism. I think we all know that.

I'm not an atheist, nor am I completely and rabidly convicted of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection's "factual" status, because let's be honest, it's called a "theory" for a reason.

Sure, science-wackos (by that I don't mean scientists, I mean pseudo-intellectual yuppies and pardon the term, Left-wing Elitists) like to say, "Sure evolution's just a theory... like gravity". That's wrong.

1) "Evolution" is not the problem. Evolution is well-accepted. Species change. Duh. The real issue is Evolution by means of "Natural Selection". However, people have confused the two terms to the point where they don't even understand what they're arguing about.

2) Evolution is just a theory. Theories are subject to tweaks, changes, reformations, and being scrapped entirely. Whereas, "gravity" is a law.

Something yuppies and pseudo-intellectuals don't understand (but pretend they do more than you and I) is the difference in real science between a law and a theory. That's why I hate those stupid bumper stickers.

Back to the point: my problem is with Intelligent Design is that isn't science. So, something higher designed us... how does that change anything? Why would anyone devote their time to something most people knew: that Natural Selection, despite it's very good track record of predicting and explaining, doesn't explain absolutely everything?

Science has had this problem before, but why some scientists don't see it is weird. I mean, who do they picture being this "Intelligent Designer"? God? Gods? Aliens?

In the end, it's either creationism or just a weird "Extra-terrestrials invented people" thing.


God's little treasures said...

thank you kaisar. you are very intelligent.
we don't take ourselves too seriously. Maybe you've noticed?

we're following you

Kaiser said...

No I haven't noticed. Perhaps it's because I am not aware of who you are.

God's little treasures said...

you left us a somewhat rude somewhat kind comment on our blog awhile ago.

Kaiser said...

Oh. I forget.