September 14, 2009

On Warmongering

What is "mongering" exactly? I don't really hear people use that in everyday life. "Stop mongering my food! You food-monger, you!" Maybe it's related to fishmonger, but that still doesn't really clear it up.

There seems to be this idea going around that conservative Republicans have a habit of warmongering. By this, I assume they mean: a pejorative term that is used to describe the practice of being eager to encourage a people or nation to go to war. This is somewhat akin to fear-mongering which is the use of fear to influence the opinions and actions of others towards some specific end.

Of course when applied to Republicans, I am somewhat confused. Do they (the people who persist in using this term for description of conservatives) imply that we are regularly using the threat of war to... retain power I suppose?

In which case I propose that we also bring into politics the new terms for describing the Democratic Party: racemongering, poormongering, minoritymongering, climatechange/globalwarmingmongering, and... um... equalitymongering, I guess. Because, really, criticizing the GOP for appealing to veterans, business people, and social values people is kind of weird, because appealing to certain people is what parties and organizations do.

For what is a party, really, except an organization of like-minded people? Sure there's more to it, but basically that's what it is. And the Dems do that just as much as we do. Especially on activist issues, like global warming, animal rights, feminism, and all them other crazy stuffs.

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