October 14, 2009

On Climate Change

(For October 15th)

I'm a day early for the thing Blogger is doing, but I'll post anyway.

A*hem. "Climate change": the new official term, previously known as "global warming". So, instead of the Earth specifically warming up, the Earth is just changing (in what direction, we don't know, but it's definitely changing).

I cannot back some of what I am saying, but I understand from global trends that the Earth is indeed warming. So, is the globe warming? As far as we can tell. Could it cause problems in the future? That's a safe guess. Will lowland people be flooded more often? Generally. Will hurricanes intensify and occur more often? Tough to say, but it's likely. Will extreme weather patterns become more frequent? Maybe. Will certain climates' natural resources face challenges? A safe bet. Will New York be flooded up to the Statue of Liberty? Um, no.

Are we, the human race, largely responsible and accountable for this "global warming"? Well, that's hard to prove. While I don't deny that due to technology improvements, we yield a great deal of power, but for people to immediately assume that we are the sole/major cause for climate change? We're only one species in a whole world. It's a lot to assume.

For instance, our data is fairly incomplete, considering how long the Earth has been around (4.55 billion years) versus the tiny fraction of that time since humanity kept written records (roughly 5,000 years). Not to mention the Industrial Revolution only began about 1700 a.d., so that's only 300 years of relevant info to make conclusions about world-wide multi-century phenomena.

And for them to jump immediately to the conclusion that we are solely/majorly responsible raises the question, why would they jump so quickly to this conclusion?

I don't think it's because they have a radiant love for all mankind. I posit that these are the same people who advocate throwing paint on people wearing fur coats for PETA, who believe that mankind is an evil species that has lost it's touch with nature, or say that Fern Gully should be a mandatory video to be shown in schools. The kind of people who don't question what Al Gore tells them and cry their hearts out when they see a polar bear on a tiny iceberg. The kind who would burn a Walmart to the ground and preach down to Hummer-owners, all to make them feel better about themselves.

I'm not a fan of those people.

I don't want to destroy the environment, and if there is a negative trend on the global scale, I want to stop it. However, no one wants to associate themselves with pricks, jerks, a**-holes, and pompous morons who do the popular thing to feel self-righteous.

The best way to save the environment is provide incentives for businesses, the most powerful forces in the world, to go green.... not to riot outside the panda exhibit at the zoo.

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