October 8, 2009

On How Women Dress

Sometimes, ladies can be weird.

For example: wearing clothes that show a lot of skin. Things like v-necks, miniskirts, tank tops, and short shorts. Really? You think you're going to attract more guys that way? Maybe more guys, but ones you won't like. You'll get more degenerates, perverts, and jerks wearing those kinds of clothes, than guys you'd actually want a relationship with.

They claim it's sexy. No. Curves are sexy. Sure, tastes differ from guy to guy on skinny vs. fatty, but overall the preference tends toward smooth, plump, and/or curvy. Showing skin is all well and nice, but it's pointless if there's no curves to show. That goes for you, you bulemics and anorexians. If you're going to decide whether or not to eat for sexiness, err on the side of fat rather than skeleton-woman.

Besides, isn't the whole point of romance is to LIE? Or at least to hide or exaggerate the truth. Now how can you do that if you expose anything that doesn't have a law against it? The only reason some guys like miniskirts is because there's less cloth to get in the way of reaching up it (just being frank here). Clothes for attraction should suggest, not display. Even when it comes to those thin-as-you-can-get models on the runways, there is some tiny voice in the back of the man's head that says "Of course, if she were my wife, I'd wish she'd wear nicer clothes in public".

In fact, skelewomen showing as much skin as possible is rather, shall we say, disturbing. Really, if you want my opinion, wear long sleeves.

Turtlenecks are nice. Why don't more girls wear turtlenecks?

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