October 12, 2009

On Negotiation with Iran

The strategy of the present administration to hold off sanctions on Iran in the hopes of getting something out of negotiations disappoints and concerns me. With the worries of an ever-increasing stockpile of enriched uranium and body of technical knowledge, Iran stands nearer and nearer to a position of creating a nuclear device.

As U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gibbs said, "Every administration since (the Iranian revolution) has reached out to the Iranians in one way or another and all have failed".

And he's right. I can list the number of presidents who reached out to Iran and were rejected:
- Pres. Carter
- Pres. Reagan
- Pres. HW Bush
- Pres. Clinton
- Pres. Bush, Jr.

A pretty comprehensive list, no? Sanctions have been employed on and off, and though they do indeed merit some praise for their effectiveness, sanctions are simply not enough.

Negotiation alone will not work either. Especially if one is not prepared to use such sanctions and harsher measures, but instead intends to use talks as their only tool. The West not only needs a big stick, but an extended hand for the brave Iranians opposing the regime.

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