November 12, 2009

On Sitcoms

Whatever happened to them? Seems like all that's on nowadays are reality shows. Some of them are good, but more often than not they're trashy.

You may not agree on the position or inclusion of some of these, but if you can at least agree the majority of these shows deserve to be somewhere on the list, I think we'll get along just fine.

My favorite sitcoms:
- Frasier
- Wings
- Cheers
- I Love Lucy
- Home Improvement
- The Addams Family
- Bewitched
- Seinfeld
- South Park
- The Simpsons
- King of the Hill
- Futurama
- The Office (US version, although the UK version is good too)
- Andy Griffith Show
- Get Smart
- I Dream of Jeanie
- Beverly Hillbillies
- Malcom in the Middle
- Hogan's Heroes

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