December 2, 2009

On the Anti-war Left vs. Our Strategy in Afghanistan

Man, I cannot believe the Anti-war Left. They are just the biggest group of idiots, the heads of which are people like Michael Moore and organizations like Code Pink and They just can't leave foreign policy alone, can they?

You'd think they'd stop after insisting that the President withdraw from Iraq. But NO. They feel they must call for our withdrawal from Afghanistan as well, which has almost always been thought of in most peoples minds as "the good war".

The Anti-war Left are perhaps my least favorite group in the whole leftist coalition (that may sound almost conspiratorial, but I'm just being honest. It's something of a coalition, just ask FDR).

The surge is just what we need, although 30,000 troops is not all we need. General McCrystal specifically requested a surge of 80,000. This combination of dithering for a while and then compromising in the Anti-war Left's favor is clear politics. The Left got some compromise, why are they so upset?

Don't get me started on the July 2011 timetable.

I hate to sound repetitive, derivative, or contrived, but... I say that success is the best exit strategy.

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