February 4, 2010

On Iran's Rockets

Scary: (Feb. 3rd, 201) the Iranian regime announced that they had successfully launched a 10-foot long rocket into the lower reaches of space with living passengers.

Hilarious: The new group of national space heroes is comprised of a mouse, two turtles, and some worms.

I feel this is both furthers proof of the dangerous nature and capacity that is being developed with great religious zeal to build up their own regional hegemony, and of the insanity contained in the heads of these fellows.

But some facts:
-Kavoshgar-3's launch was announced by Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi as part of Iran’s ambitious space program.
-Ahmadinejad praised the latest launch and said greater events would come in the future. “The scientific arena is where we could defeat the (West’s) domination,” Ahmadinejad said in remarks broadcast on TV.
-Also, Iran unveiled a new, domestically-built light booster rocket, named Simorgh, as well as three Iranian-built satellites—Mesbah-2, Tolo, and Navid-e-Elm-o-Sanat.
-Officials said the Simorgh rocket can carry 220 pounds (100 kg) up to 310 miles (500 km) above the Earth.
-Iran also has the stated goal of "a man in space" within roughly 10 years
-(2005) Iran launched its first commercial satellite on a Russian rocket in a joint project with Moscow, which is a partner in transferring space technology to Iran.
-(2005) the government said it had allocated $500 million for space projects for the next five years
-(Feb. 2008) Iran launches Kavoshgar-1 towards space.
-(Nov. 2008) Kavoshgar-2 made it to the lower reaches of space and returned to earth 40 minutes later on a parachute.
-(Feb. 2009) Iran launches the Omid satellite into orbit.

My source: http://dailycaller.com/2010/02/03/iran-launches-rocket-carrying-animals-into-space/

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