March 25, 2010

On Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin. Hoo-boy.

Lemme start off by saying that this is gonna be a fair appraisal of the Alaskan politician turned conservative, Republican pop star. I will neither go soft nor be excessively scathing. This is my honest-to-God opinion thus far. Okay, here it goes:

I like her personally. I'll admit it. She's charming, spunky, and good-lookin'. She's got character (and an accent, which is bonus points), which is something that immediately grafts (is that the right word?) onto me. I like her personality and I want the best for her and her future.

Which is why I'm not so thrilled about her upcoming reality TV series, "Sarah Palin's Alaska". It doesn't feel right. And that's an important thing for me, the gut feeling, because I support her mostly based on a gut feeling. My gut is telling me that this show is not a good idea.

Okay, she got a commentator position on Fox News, I can understand that. Fox wants to appeal to conservatives, and Palin is appealing. They put two and two together.
Okay, she resigned as governor, I guess I can understand that she got hassled by the MSM. I personally would have stuck it out anyways if I were her, but I can let it slide.

But not this. It would be on the Discovery Channel, so at least it's got that added pinch of salt for the Liberals who are probably gonna get on her case about it. Still, the show idea is just asking for the Left to bash her as a ditz. I mean, heck, it was weird enough when Huckabee got his own show. Why does anyone think this will be a good idea?

I guess I'll just have to see how it turns out before I judge. Who knows? Maybe it'll be a good show. I've enjoyed the Discovery Channel before. Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters, mostly.

Next topic is her resume.

A little inexperienced. I'll say it, it's true. She's not exactly a political veteran. But c'mon, it's not nearly as bad as anyone makes out. Here, I'll show you what I mean:

She went from
  1. Housewife to
  2. Wasilla City Council member (1992-5) to
  3. Two-time mayor of Wasilla (1996-2002) to
  4. 2nd place runner-up for Lt. Governor candidate in a 5-way primary (2002) to
  5. Chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (2003-4) to
  6. 1 of 3 directors of Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc. (2003-5) to
  7. Alaskan governor (2006-9)

This is all done in a 15 year time-span. Don't tell me that's not at least a little impressive.

Hey, think about it this way: she's a woman in a red state who's done all this and risen pretty far up the ladder. That's some sort of victory for feminism or something, right?

And this is all before her VP of '08 nomination. Afterward, she wrote an autobiography called Going Rouge: An American Life . It quickly became a NY Times #1 best-seller and sold over a million copies (one of only four political autobiographies to do so). Not bad. At least she's got star power.

The Left calls her a ditz. Agreed, she didn't come off as the most well-informed person on the planet in the Katy Couric interview. But I would argue this is as much the fault of the McCain campaign as Sarah Palin's.

She was previously a governor of Alaska, a fairly out-of-the-way state mostly concerned with its own problems. Being brought from the state level to the national level, where mudslinging abounds in such free-flowing quantities, without any preparation doesn't set a good standard. In fact, it was probably her own natural flexibility that kept the interview from being a total disaster.

It bugs me when people dismiss Alaska because "there's nothing there". If there's nothing there, then you should be fine with us drilling there! ;)

Next topic are the critics.

Liberals and Democrats don't like her. Lots even hate her, for some reason. They spew some of the most vile bile about her while still somehow maintaining their "taking the high road" attitude.

Don't believe me? Look at Matt Damon. Look at Keith Olbermann. Look at anything by the Huffington Post. Look at Max Loeber (that's right, I'm talking to you Max). I realize that these people don't represent every single liberal Democrat ever, but suffice to say they represent quite a few.

Sarah Palin has done little to deserve this. Okay, she's not up-to-date on current events; does that make her nomination "like a bad Disney movie", huh Matt?

Oh, and don't get me started on the GOP. Those idiots. Those jackasses. Those moronic Congressional Republicans, those dumb GOP elites, and those blue-blooded jerks of Republican New England don't know a good thing when they see it. Hell, they couldn't tell their asses from a hole in the ground.

Sarah Palin is energy. Pure energy for the base of the modern Republican party: the conservatives. Small-government cons, business cons, and the Christian right can get behind her. She got people excited who were in the conservative core, were weary of their politicians constantly pandering to the demi-liberals and moderates (nothing against moderates, but sometimes it's nice to be the ones being pandered to instead of the ones who always have to pander).

But of course, some neoconservatives, log cabin, libertarians, and even liberal Republicans have to jump on the Democrat snobbery wagon, and look down their noses at Sarah Palin.

Who in Hell's side are you on?! Why do you insist on justifying to the Left that Sarah Palin is apparently "no good for the party"?

This is a feel-good thing for them, I think. They want to show how independent-minded they are by dissing some conservative Republicans with whom they don't agree.

This is wrong. Do you think that getting rid of Sarah Palin will ? Do you think that Sarah Palin is somehow "indicative of the decline of rational debate in politics and blah blah blah"?

You're dead wrong. You're snobs and your snobbery is hurting our party and our cause. What happened to solidarity, man? What happened to professional respect or to empathy? What happened to chivalry?

All because of Sarah Palin, who has done very little to incur your derision, you are willing to split the party and the hopes of a conservative victory. Jeez...

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Sarah Palin. Right.

In conclusion, Sarah Palin's pretty awesome. Sure, she's not everything one hopes for in a politician, but nobody's perfect- especially not politicians. She has elicited a far harsher response from all sides than she has actually done to deserve any of it. She's accomplished, but for her sake I want her to work more on informing herself and getting more experience in case she wants a Round #2, instead of doing reality TV and writing books.

Still, I like her all the same and have good feelings about her future.

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*Correction: the reality show was broadcast by TLC, not Discovery Channel.