March 22, 2010

On Speaking Out More

Damn it. I am tired.

I am tired of getting pushed around by liberals. I am tired of being made feel like a powerless minority. I am tired of being made out to be a bigot, a simpleton, and a conspiracy theorist for my beliefs. I am tired of having my politics ridiculed, my heroes trash-talked, and my positions degraded as the products of ignorance.

It may sound a little melodramatic, but I am tired of being told what I am. I am tired of clueless morons and know-it-all/know-nothing, pop-culture addicts framing the debate. I am tired of overhearing small chit-chat slandering people who have done nothing wrong, or at least insulting the right person for the wrong reasons. I am tired of the stunning hypocrisy shown by those who would wish to shine their spotlight on what they claim to be our hate. I'm tired of people ignoring the standards, disregard the Constitution, and trample on the Bill of Rights, all in the name of "progress" or "the greater good".

I am tired of sitting there and listening to this crap. I am tired of letting idiocy and ignorance be the norm, the status quo, the hip thing to be. The future is ahead and it's not getting any further away, damn it. If I want to convince people, I have to try. I can't just sit back and hope for the best in 2012. I can't just hope that someday they will see the light. I can't just sit and say nothing, letting others fight my battles for me or attack what I hold dear without putting up a fight. I can't just hide and hope they go away. I cannot let myself be blackmailed by others' disapproval.

I have to get out there and get informed. I have to get active. I have to know what I'm talking about at all times. I have to defend my values, my positions. I have to defend myself and defend those who are on my side. I have to speak out more and make Conservatism a factor in their decision making. I have to "Rock the Vote". I have to make a difference.

I have to speak out and I will.

Just a warning, y'all.

1 comment:

Kaiser said...

This is hard for me, because we everyday Conservatives aren't generally natural political activists.

But I shall have to make myself stand up for... myself.