April 9, 2010

On "Racism" in the Tea Parties

Bullshit. Complete bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit.

Wanna know why? Because I've been there.

Sure, I know: that's not evidence, that's just anecdotal. Maybe the Tea Parties in California aren't representative of the Tea Parties nationwide.

Still, I'm not racist and I was there. Two friends of the family aren't racist and they were there. I talked and discussed topics with the people there, and wouldn't you know it, they weren't racist either. In fact, everyone I talked to had a disapproving opinion of white (or other) supremacist ideology. There were even a couple anti-racism signs at one of the rallies I was at.

This is powerful. On MSNBC especially and various other outlets, they would have you believe that this is an all-white affair with hostility expressed towards people of any color. Not so.

I don't really trust polls all too much, because they're generally unreliable and notoriously fickle, but this Gallup poll of Tea Partiers is encouraging:

Also, a black CNN representative attended about five rallies and asked questions of people, and found that they're really nice people. Check it out:

Yes, the Tea Parties do tilt right and yes, they also are biased towards conservatism and Republicans, but in the end it's grassroots and has got enough Democrats and Independents to make it nonpartisan. There are no oil companies paying them to protest. These are conservatives and moderates we're talking about, people. We normally hate political activism! No oil company could pay any of us enough to become a hippie.

Generally, I find that people who immediately label the Tea Parties "racist" haven't actually been to one.

Do you think that we're racist? Have you been to a Tea Party yet? If not, I recommend that you do. Come to one near me. Bring an open mind, a clear head, a friendly disposition, and a free spirit.

And some drinks. It gets hot out there sometimes.

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